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refer to president bush's so-called clear skies act. it's not so-called. it's called. >> bob: i'm so-called member of the five. >> welcome back. welcome to "red eye." i'm greg gutfeld, or as i am known on the streets of paris, scarlet johansson. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. what's coming up on tonight's show? >> coming up on the big show. would you rather have dinner with president obama or mitt romney? a shocking new poll has the shocking answer that will shock you. plus egyptian easy law mists storm our embassy and tear down our flag because they are angry about a movie. take note, michael bay, enough with the transformers crap. and should the seal who wrote the book about the raid about bin laden face prosecution? some say no, but others say
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yes, as long as they don't have to be the ones that bring him in. >> will we have a better show tonight? last night was lack luster. gyre last night was -- >> last night was my fault. i ruined the whole thing. i feel bad. i wish you hadn't brought it up and let's move on. lean forward, greg. >> you say that a lot, often in the park. go away. let's welcome our guest. she is hotter than a jalapeno covered with magma and tabasco. she is the director of the law fair project ssments her latest book is called "law fair, the war against free speech." why is she against free speech? we will have to ask her. and fresh off a win at the third annual vanilla ice look alike contest and a baggage handler at laguardia airport, writer and comedian jesse joyce. those are comments on how he often dresses. his come day cd is called -- comedy cd is called pro
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choice, a fun pun. and he is considered a bracelet. it is bill schulz. and he is so interesting that the world joins the navy just to see him. sitting next to me, ron bolton , former u.s. ambassador to the u.n and fox news contributor. >> a-block. the lead, that's the first story. >> that was so stupid. but i love it. will barak it is a landslide for the bedside. abc news, whatever that is, is asking the question nobody would think of asking and found by a large margin that voters preferred obama to nurse them back to health over his rival, mitt romney. and they believe obama would make, quote, a more loyal friend. when asked which candidate they would rather have as a captain in a storm the answer is closer. excitement is reaching a fever
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pitch. >> you know, you laugh, but he gets there early to get the best seats. the parade doesn't start for two weeks. ambassador, say your pet turtle, and i know you have one, just passed on. who would you rather have console you, president obama or mitt romney? >> absolutely mitt romney. he could advise me how to get another turtle and make money off of it. it ought to be the objective. all of the polls are about the so-called em empathy gap and why mitt romney doesn't connect with people. i don't want a president who can connect with people. i want a president who can be president. obama hasn't learned that in three and a half years. >> you want a president and not a pal. i don't want to know how you make money on turtles. >> i'm sure there is a way to do it. >> there is a way to do it,
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there is. is there just more fluff? >> hi, brooke, mice to meet you. >> mu tated ninjas is how you make money. >> quite the franchise. >> thanks a lot. i would really hope this was a meaning less pull. i would hope that americans don't vote on their em paw see -- their empathy-like ability factor. it is these hard-hitting questions. who do you want to captain your ship? who would you like to sit at dinner with? it doesn't determine who you would vote for. i would rather sit with obama, a man i disagree with on every level to debate him. it doesn't mean i will vote for him. >> that's true. there are a lot of people i would like to party with, but i don't want them for president. that's in the true. would you rather obama or
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romney bring your mike's hard lemonade to the parking lot in front of ruby tuesday's? >> that's an interesting question guy who is dressed as an easter basket that might sodomize me. >> i take offense to the might. the poll went on to say who would make a more loyal friend. and i think you have to go with obama on that. clearly mitt took his most loyal friend and strapped him to the roof of a car. >> he enjoyed it on the roof of the car. there is an affidavit that says he enjoys it. >> who among us has killed a turtle recently? >> let me point out that while mitt romney put his dog on the roof of the car it didn't go to the roof of his mouth like president obama who ate a dog, and he threw his grandmother under the bus. every person close to obama. >> and his brother. >> and his brother. by the way, i hate using the term "under the bus." >> it makes fun of where i
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live. >> true, bill. that brings up my next question. voters would rather have obama visit their homes. you don't have a home. >> you know why? >> why? >> i am a citizen of the world. and the world is nothing if not but a home from me. and secondly i don't know if we are necessarily asking the right people about this. i will give you an example. you asked him which president would you want to console if you lost your pet turtle. he said i would want mitt romney because he will tell me where to get another turtle and how to make money off of it. i don't think you know what console means. i agree that romney can do all of those things. by definition that is not consoling. ask one of my i will legitimate daughters. it has happened before. i would be sad. if somebody says here is how you get another daughter and you can make money off her, possibly good information. not consoling.
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not the definition of consoling. >> do your daughters have shells? >> one of them does. one has rick cets. both of those names i forget. >> her name is rick cet. >> go to bed, rick cet. it is too late for you. >> i am with ambassador bolden. forget empathy. i like jerk athy. i think this is one of those stories that they always do to imply that obama is cooler than his opposition, and it burns up time up to the election. i want to bring up the whole -- with his hand-heart gesture that president obama did. this is what young stars like bieber and salina gomez do, jesse, and i think this is what you often do to the girls at wet seal at the mall where you hang out. is this going to lock up the 13-year-old vote? >> you don't ever have to say i want to jerk your pastel shirt.
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>> unnecessary. >> i think what is weirder is that last weekend justin bieber was found in a meeting discussing mortar korean nuclear disarmament. he pulled a switcher riew. >> i would trade him on obama -- dash trade him with obama on that subject. >> you are not doing it right. >> thank god. i am a grown man. i am 47. i should not know that. the president should not know that. is that a signal to our enemies to attack america. >> my research shows it definitely is. i hope it is obama's teenage daughters that taught him this as opposed to white house staffers that are made to research what the trends are with teenagers these days. >> that's a good point. >> we pay people to research the trends of teenagers? that's not my white house. i want to move on to the next story. thank you. from having dinner to not
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being a winner. we were beaten by sweden. yep, six other so-called countries came out on top when it comes to global competitiveness. according to the world economic forum, they dropped to seven behind sing go -- singapore and germany, but ahead of the tiny island king -- kingdom of hawaii. they don't even have running water. it you cls the strength of a public and private infrastructure and educational system. two years ago america was fourth and last qleer fifth. even though our overall score was higher we sliped to seventh because evil, evil countries like the netherlands improved. they problem whree -- probably had scat videos. at least america leads the world in this -- we truly are number one in synchronized
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kittens. ambassador, what do you make of this? should we care? >> i don't believe anything that comes out of the world's economic forum. they spend too much time instead of doing hard work. they have a lot of factors i wouldn't count. it is pro european as you can tell. in any event with obama's president we can look forward to more decliness under that rating. >> interesting. brooke, looked at a bunch of things, savings rate, inflation, government debt, credit rating. is this more evidence that obama should be impeached? >> answer the question. >> it is a yes or no question. >> i am not surprised that we are declining -- >> actually, it is a yes or yes question. >> is this interrupt brooke? >> yes, that is a tuesday show. >> who is surprised that we have a president that takes creation for granted. we have a president that thinks wealth can only be
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measured intangible goods that can somehow be distributed to everybody. he wants to socialize the major institutions. you have to pay your fair share and you have to pay it to the government. there is no joke. we have to take this seriously. >> i hear you. we ranked first. it is guys in their 30s who dress like skateboarders. congratulations. >> you are welcome, america. i am working hard on that and showing up on television at 3:00 in the morning to get it going. >> a highly rated show. >> i don't see how this can surprise anybody. the largest exports these days are pornography and adam sandler movies which neither we can be proud of. >> speak for rs yo. >> and i think what is disconcerting is the recuring theme of japan and germany boo egg on a list of world leading
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things, right, ambassador? it is not good, right? >> sweden, the netherlands and finland. >> it was a shady past. >> you don't forgive or forget, do you? >> you will hold on. >> it is not just september 11th. it is pearl harbor. >> bill, there were reports we would have ranked as high as second if you would have left the country. >> i want to see the report. i am not buying it as face value. >> i will find the report. >> you better put it on your face because it is a face report. >> in fairness it is because his leathery skin makes him look like a guatemalan. >> making fun of what you are wearing or not wearing is coming from over there. i am sitting here minding my own, trying to rock the yellow t sit with the 70s sport coat. >> i know you have to get that back to a golf course from 1974. >> somebody drain his other ear.
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he forgot to put an earring in it. >> did you miss me? >> the way i would frame this, we should make number seven the new number one. right? number one is kind of -- i don't know number one is ?ooty and bigoted. why not be proud of being number seven? >> let's lead from behind. >> i like it when you say it. i don't know what that means. >> the big story of the day, from competing to bleeding they took a swipe at the stars and stripes over a perceived swipe. thousands of protesters stormed the embassy tearing down our flag and replacing it with a muslim expression there is no god, but god and mohamed is written on it. in libia, the guns attacked them with rocket-propelled grenades. the hard core islamists were miffed about a movie made in the united states that contains scenes depicting
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mohamed as a fraud, having sex and calling for masacres! the u.s. em by see issued a statement condemning the violence saying the embassy of the united states in cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of muslims of the -- of muslims. what did i just read? the world is over. i am done. i am going back in my pretzel. >> you may have your ways of coping. i have my way of coping. the pretzel makes me cope. is it a coincidence this happened on 9/11. >> i am so happy we are highlighting the fact that the u.s. embassy was violently stormed today in cairo and the state dents releases via the u.s. embassy a condemnation of
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the blass femme me of -- blasphemy of islam. this is state department policy. over the past 11 years we have resolution after resolution at the united nations trying to outlaw the criticism of islam. and this happened on september 11th. the state department is lying to us or they have misguided us. they don't think this is a celebration of american death? >> it is crazy. >> here is my theory. were the people in the embassy terrified? >> no american should look at those pictures of foreigners on the walls of the embassy and not remember what happened in tehran in 1979. the reports of what happened to our consulate turned out to be true. it was burned and one of our officials was killed. obviously that is one step further. this is potentially dangerous. in 1979 the iranians came into the embassy once and didn't take it over. people said everything is fine, and then they stormed it and took people hostage.
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this is important though. the ambassador is the president's personal representative in egypt. that statements was an act of appeasement. the president has to reputiate it tomorrow or -- >> this is like getting really, really close and weird to carter. i thought it was a joke when i first read the article. it was an onion article that we were apologizing for their attacks. >> jesse, you work at an embassy suite. >> that's my favorite one. >> thank you very much. how should we deal with this? >> it is turn down ambassador. >> turn down ambassador. jay see, this is -- the problem is the quality of the movie. i don't know if you have seen a clip. it is horrific. a lot of people are misguided. they think fundamental lists lists are humanless which is
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not -- humor less which is not true at all. i want you to look formal come in the middle east -- for malcolm in the middle east and curb your fanaticism. >> looking for a short career. >> well, we will do -- my favorite is it is a version of modern family, and it is set in the 1300's. >> don't do cartoons of mow mohamed. it might get blocked out. >> billy, do you think that this is appeasement, or do you think this is people being terrified. >> they did it on twitter too. >> at least they are modern about it. at least they are appealing to the kids. >> didn't we just forgive them debt? >> leerily it -- clearly it was president enough -- it wasn't enough. >> why don't you forgive them $2 billion of your debt.
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>> have i college loans -- i have college loans to think about. they are mad at other egyptians that happen to be in our country. it is not killing the messenger. it is blowing up the best western. it makes no sense whatsoever. >> we over at the embassy suites -- >> well played. >> i think the embassy suites are under rated. terrific people that work there and the food is delightful. >> sometimes. >> are you publicly apologizing because of the insin you weighings they would hire somebody like me? >> you like their bed bugs. >> it was a joke. >> no, this story is insane. i predict that it is not going to get better, and i wish it would. i wish it would go away. but i think it will be -- >> i think the risks are
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there. not just in egypt, but in other countries where you breech the security of an embassy and the government cooperates and you get that kind of statement from the american ambassador, it is long-standing state department policy. we are on the lookout for what is islamaphobic. it is not a terrorist. it is workplace violence. this is appeasement, and they attacked us nonetheless. >> on that note we have to take a break. what is it like to eat free pretzels all day? it is the perk at working at auntie em's. >> you do have so many jobs.
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the pen company, bic is facing outrageous outrage over their pink and purple line of utensils. this ad will be more fuel for their ridicule. >> does anybody have a pen? >> no thanks, no. >> with the smooth writing, bic for her is the only choice. >> it is like a giant olive. a description on the company site says the pen has a, quote, thin barrel to fit a woman's happened and an elegant design for her. dozens of people weighed in on amazon with one writing, quote, i love bic crystal for her. the delicate shape and pastels make it perfect for writing recipe cards. i am seeing my psychologist for his stair ricks and tracking my monthly cycle. don't know what that means.
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pepsi corporate received angry hate male for angry bar boones boones -- bar boones. baboons. >> i have no comment on that. it makes me thirsty. can't we just be honest and admit that women like colorful, frillly things more than guys do? >> honestly. come on. i think that ridicule and outrage is the only appropriate response to this campaign. it is ridiculous. if i was the teacher, if you were the teachers ander and a student submitted an essay in bright pink, i will legible writing you send it right back. >> but i don't believe, ambassador they are banning women from buying blue. they are just marketing pink because women like pink more than blue. >> i view this in the same context as the turtle.
12:25 am
if it makes money for bic i am all for it. i don't care if people are outraged. >> obviously they have done their market research. >> somebody is buying these pens. >> it is pink for women and blue for men. jesse, all of your mesh t-shirts are black. they are not pink. will we get in a place in society where we can appreciate the gender differences that inform the decisions we make. >> okay, guy wearing a pastel shirts. >> there is a little being. >> there is a little pink. >> there is more through. >> the only thing insulting about this campaign, bic said that there is less ink in the pen because women don't extend to write as much because they have smaller brains. i thought that was out of line. >> that was out of line. >> i thought it was science. >> well, i don't know.
12:26 am
>> it might be science. look at thes say of my head. look at the size of brooks. >> look at the amount of notes i have. >> those are flowers and rainbows. you keep writing brooke schulz. >> i noticed that. if you were forthcoming it could happen. >> it will never happen. >> schulz, goldstein, not gonna happen. >> don't know about them. >> terrible. you are awful. >> i can't speak for relatives. >> what is the problem with gender differences? that's why we like each other. >> we don't like each other. that's the problem. if you read my blog you would be agitated. bic can sell whatever pen they want. i have taken great strides to make sure they are not raised based on gender norms
12:27 am
basically because i am not sure of their daughters. >> i don't raise them. i was kidding about the whole teacher thing. they don't go to school. >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us at red eye at fox news do. if you have a video of your animal doing something that isn't boring go to red eye at fox and submit a video. >> i like that. we might use it. i would like to submit andy levy in some videos. >> tonighttons -- tonight it is sponsored by hupping birds. thanks, humming birds.
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we are back. let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. let's go to andy levy. >> hi, greg, how are you? >> good. >> feeling better about tonight? >> you were a little shaky in the beginning again, but i held it together. >> all right. i am going to try not to bomb this time. >> please. >> poll shows more american s who rather have dinner with obama than romney. you said of the so-called empathy gap -- i said empathy to you. you said you don't want a president to connect with people, and brooke you said you hoped this was a meaning less poll. but i think this is important to a lot of voters. i think there are a lot of voters out there who want a president who they think
12:32 am
empathizes with them. >> keep your hands-off my pain. >> that's a imr -- a great t-shirt. >> that will make the after show massages tough to do. >> is them paw thee people want? the questions were ridiculous. >> i agree, but the question you thoughts was ridiculous, who you would have as a cap pen of your ship, that's the -- as a captain of your ship, that's the only one to me that would seem to be important. >> as a metaphor, maybe. >> exactly. >> can we just point out who was an awesome ship captain, george clooney in "a perfect storm" and what happened to that ship? >> he was awesome. the ship sunk. >> but he was awesome and he was very handful so many. >> and it was a perfect storm. >> and he was a perfect captain. he had too much empathy. remember? he had so much empathy.
12:33 am
couldn't save them. >> mitt romney could be em pathetic and not great at showing it. we don't know. we don't see him in private. you guys don't, anyway. well, you can argue that a guy that talks about other people clinging to bitterness to guns and religion. >> that's a good point. >> brooke, i don't know what vee meantly. >> sorry. vee huh meantly. it is nerve-wracking. projected empathy going to the bathroom. it is projected empathy. >> i was not em pathetic when i called you out on that. but then again jobe accused me me -- but then again, nobody accused me. >> did you mention obama's grandmother when she said you would have to great that she will make the most loyal friend? i thought you did.
12:34 am
>> i just yelled out grandmother. >> good enough. most people remember. you can get jesse off the screen. >> bill, you said of the saying you would rather have romney console him because he would tell him how to get another turtle and make money off it. you don't think the ambassador knows what console means. >> i don't think he knows what pet means. >> i don't recall making money off my dog when i was a kid. >> that's why you need to have dinner with romney. that's the point. >> that's em pathetic. >> i made money of my twin ferrets, point and click. go to any local er and i will explain. >> also youtube. >> greg, i believe there -- this is the hand heart. >> interesting. >> you hope obama's teenage
12:35 am
daughters taught him the hand heart. my sources tell me he learned it from the credits of ice loves cocoa. u.s. drops the seventh index. when you say they probably bribed them with scat videos you are referring to 1969. >> a fantastic video. >> amazing. >> the second floor asked me to clear that up. ambassador, you said we can look forward to more declines declines and brooke you said it would be no surprise we are declining under president obama. our score is actually higher than it was last year. >> declining in rank. there are 193 member nations in the u.n. so we have a ways to go under obama. >> where do you think we will be in another four years? >> 193. >> really? >> that would condemn both of you for not bringing obama up
12:36 am
in the bic story. you are missing the step. >> you kept interruptiing. >> i apologize. >> ambassador, we will lose to turk-manistan. >> barundy is last on the list. jesse you said our largest exports are porn and adam sandler movies. in 2001 it was gas, diesel and jet fuel. >> that's interesting. >> a lot of people don't though that. i didn't and i am a lot of people. >> all of those things get you effed up. >> and also you said it is a little scary that germany and japan rank so high. if it makes you feel better italy was 40 seconds. >> who gave him the list? >> egyptian protests. greg, you said the film was sparked by egyptians in the u.s. just before we were taping the "wall street journal" it was called innocence of muslims was directed and produced by an israeli-american california
12:37 am
real estate developer. so it is the jews. and the film has been promoted by the lovely koran-burning pastor terry jones. >> that's a good group. >> clips from the film show mohamed not as flesh and blood, but a homosexual son of patrimony for child safety. >> where is the bad part? >> bill, you gave brooke crap for restating everything greg said. and you were right about that. it makes things easier when you are making your real. >> this is the only show that talks about these things. that's a good point actually. that's exactly what you are doing. >> i did it for emphasis. it is so mind boggling that we have come to this stage where the state department is not -- it is apologizing for blasphemy.
12:38 am
>> you already got enough of the real. a little tip for the real. take any subject and go what's up with that? paris hilton, what's up with that? people go, oh, she knows how to start off a segment. trust me that works. that's what got me the job. >> that's what got you "the five." >> yes, i kept saying osama bin laden, what's up with that? see, it works every time. >> on a serious note, the egyptian embassy's statement is beyond belief. how high are these statements before they go out? who makes the ultimate determination? was it somebody indc or the embassy itself. >> you have to watch for these rogue ambassadors who say what they think. i don't know it myself. my guess is this came from our ambassador in egypt and it was not cleared.n should hope that is true because it is a
12:39 am
lot easier to reputiate which is what they should do. >> and maybe thinking about recalling him. >> it is a her. >> that can't be right. we are not allowed to do that. >> you are so sexist. -- >> can i make a point. the fact that egypt is getting so radical or islamasized. look how the muck limb -- the muslim brotherhood is doing. >> on a serious poimt, those people couldn't have gotten on the wall of the embassy without the egyptian security guards doing their job. that's the precursor to what happened in tehran. >> we have marines that guard embassies. do you think they were given an order not to fire? >> yes. they are not there to get in a fight. they are a deterrent or a last guard.
12:40 am
they were clearly told to stay inside the building. >> the muslim government may be happy, and it is bad, but i am repeating, that it is bad optics for them. >> i think the muslim brotherhood is thrilled with the amount of power it has in egypt. you governors in all of the provinces. they didn't stop a ship going through the sue wees -- suez canal. it is indicative of the future. >> can i make a point to our directors? when brooke is talking take andy off the screen. it distracts from the people watching. >> can i make a point to the director? don't listen to bill. >> one last serious point and that is the muslim brotherhood benefits from this. they assaulted our embassy and we gave up. that's all that matters. >> have i a serious question. why do you hate the word optic so much? did you have a bad experience with an optometrist?
12:41 am
>> i hate it in the political usage of it. >> i was expecting a way worse word when you set it up that way. >> lastly on the bic for her thing, you said ridicule and outrage are the only responses. do you feel the aim way bic markets separate razors to women? >> that's necessary. >> it is embarrassing when i have to buy the pink razors and the pink blades. i don't like they do that. >> you have no empathy whatsoever. >> andy, it has to be harder for you to cut yourself when you are sitting in your bathtub with your cats and a pink razor, right? >> good one. >> they laughed. i heard laughter. >> back to you, greg. why do birds appear every time you are near? it is something neil neil whispered to me.
12:42 am
thinking about getting a restraining order. i did my part and saw "magic mike" 16 times.
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should he get hell for writing about ubl? the secretary of defense says mark owen should be disciplined for punishing a book about the bin laden raid. the published account is a bad example because much like my famous 10-second ab routine it was not approved by the defense department. >> we have to take steps to him and the american people that we are not going to accept this kind of behavior. if we don't, anybody else who pledges to ensure that that doesn't happen is going to get the wrong signal that somehow they can do it without any penalty. >> i wish i wasn't listening.
12:46 am
discuss this, shall we? >> lightning rooooouuuunnnnndd. lightning round. >> ambassador, do you agree with panetta? is this wrong? >> anybody who discusses this book i don't think has read it. this is a small problem. wouldn't we like to know what is in it first? >> i haven't read it. no, i read the 60-minute transcript, and that's all i read. that's all i will read because i am lazy. >> what people are so upset about is he bunks the idea that osama resisted. in fairness he could have been taken in peacefully. realistically he couldn't be tried in front of a jury of his peers. where are we going to find 12 other 6 foot 9 kidney disease psychotics who smell like got pea.
12:47 am
>> my daughters? >> brooke, if the information is no different than the pentagon released should it matter? >> well, i think it should. >> if this retired seal did break policy, he should be punished. he might get punished by al-qaeda. the fact that fox news leaked his real name that was supposed to be a secret. now he is not going on media interviews. he is now definitely a target. so one would have hoped he weighed these things before he released the book. >> you don't think they would have had a disguise. you and i would tell people we killed bin laden is because they don't know. >> i am not going to be -- i am not going to say that. i won't even be on when the camera is set. >> if it would get uh free drink at a bar you would say that? >> absolutely.
12:48 am
i withdraw my initial thing i said. i have not read this book. i am halfway through "50 shades of grey" and i learned a lot. i did see the "60 minutes" interview and even though he wasn't fighting back, the firs guy, the son, had a gun or what they were lead to believe was a gun. as far as their act is concerned it was illegal to fire away at anyone else who pops out of the room. there is nothing bad there. if he was at some point going to released something sensitive, i gotta think the government would have been aware of that before it was published. they may not like this, but it doesn't mean there is anything in there that is bad. >> and his mate said he would be the guy that would write the most honest one. they trusted him. >> if there were no live shots fired, why was hillary clinton going like this when she was watching the video? it was a live firefight.
12:49 am
there were men with loaded weapons. i haven't read the book. >> you know what it is? >> this is extremely difficult stuff they do. everybody is curious about it. >> you know who the real winner is? >> who? >> taco bell. >> we went to taco bell afterwards. the best free advertising ever. >> time to take a break. up next, more jokes.
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smie next topic, it is official movies suck. revenues at the domestic box office was the lowest it had been in a decade. the total of 65 million was the lowest it had been since the weeks following the 9/11 attack. the top earner was the horror movie "the possession" a film about jesse joyce's favorite earring. that's the only reason we did this story. why do you think more people are not going to the movies as much? >> i think this past weekend they were all watching replays of obama's convention speech. that's the only explanation. there you go. >> back on track. >> he got it in there.
12:54 am
brooke could it be that tv is much better. you must have seen "mike and molly." it is a delight. >> why would you go to the theater when you can order a dvd copy of the award-winning film "the making of a murder" and watch it in your living room while making a charitable contribution to the children children's right institute? hello? >> very good. gist see, -- jesse, i haven't seen a good movie in ages. i did see the kirk cameron story. that was your greatest role. i don't know how you got into him and played sim so well. it was impressive. >> i was pretty proud of that. they were pissed at auntie emm's pretzels when i had to take off to work on the shoot. >> but they huddled around the tv in the back kitchen to watch it. >> no, the whole summer was the weakest movie summer since 1993. i didn't know that.
12:55 am
and it makes sense. i don't know if you saw it. rock of ages where tom cruise was badly siping "every rose has its thorn. it made me think of brett michaels because while i was watching it i wanted to have an an raw rich also. >> i want to see that movie. it is like one of those movies "mama-mia" and it may be so awful that it may be worth watching. have you seen the crowds bip -- the crowds dipping. >> the floors are less sticky. >> i don't know if it is the quality of film and the internet and the black blackberries and the whatnots, people are starting to dig isolation. everyone is realizing. >> we will close things out with a wrap up with tv andy levy. to see clips go to fox eye.
12:56 am
12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
andy levy, post game wrap up. >> the president is out campaigning, but i am ready to do the job. >> excellent. good to know. brooke, where will you be this thursday? >> this thursday i will be at the metropolitan club. i will deliver a lecture on law fair and how our national security is being hampered by misguided fierce of easy llama phobia. it ties into what we are talking about today. go to met club at for tickets. >> you will be at the nut hut or something like that? >> nut street comedy club, not that that is any better. december 21st and 22nd. >> where is it? >> in wilmington, north carolina. >> it is called the nut tree? >> i am pretty sure it is the nut hut. >> it is the nut hut?
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